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In today’s Japan there are a wide variety of factors leading to increased mental illness. The increase in the number of people requiring nursing care due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the increase in per capita labor productivity due to the declining population, employment concerns, changes in lifestyles, and changes in work styles due to the spread of new coronavirus infections all contribute to this. Anyone can be affected by mental disorders and mental illness, and early intervention (early detection, early support, and early treatment) is important for your well being.

Percentage of people who get depressed once in a lifetime

  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • healthy people
  • people who get depressed
  • healthy people
  • healthy people


Depressed people who do not visit a medical institution


Gender distribution of patients with depression and other mood disorders


Percentage of establishments working on mental health measures


World Mental Health Survey, Comprehensive Research Report (2016)
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Patient Survey (2017)
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Occupational Safety and Health Survey (2020)

eMind is working on DX (Digital Transformation) in the mental wellness field and aims to contribute to people’s improved mental wellness and society by collaborating with medical institutions and companies in the healthcare space.


To contribute to society
by supporting people’s
mental and physical health

The 5 E’s of eMind

  • Essential
  • Empower
  • Enable
  • Electronic
  • Everyone


  • 2018
    Start small-scale research
    Start small-scale research

    Analyze sleep data with AI to see signs of depression

  • 2020 Started full-scale R&D
    Started full-scale R&D

    Developed a unique smartphone app and AI engine for Proof of Concept (PoC)

  • Conduct PoC
    Conduct PoC

    Conducted PoC with 160 people using in-house developed app for one month

  • Succeeded in predicting depression with high accuracy
    Succeeded in predicting depression with high accuracy

    Succeeded in predicting depression by analyzing data from smartphones

  • Established eMind, Inc.
    Established eMind, Inc.
  • 2021 Patent application / Patent acquisition
    Patent application / Patent acquisition

    Patent No. 6841466
    Information processing system for determining evaluation data, which is data on the severity of mental illness

  • Pilot operation started
    Pilot operation started
    • Pilot operation at a dispensing pharmacy management company
    • Pilot operation at a nursing home
    • Pilot operation at a clinic
    • Pilot operation at a public company
  • Initiate discussions with various agencies
    Initiate discussions with various agencies
    • Initiate discussions with university hospitals regarding joint research
    • Initiate discussions with related companies service and technology alliances
    • Initiate discussions with related companies regarding a sales alliance


  • Development work for service launch for essential workers
  • Financing through third-party allotment
  • Recruit specialists who want to contribute to eMind’s activities


  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Meals
  • Conversation
  • Weather
  • Medicine
  • Using “behavioral and real world data” continuously collected from smartphones, our most commonly used digital device, rather than “sensory and awareness data” from conventional questionnaires
  • Just as psychiatrists spend a lot of time interviewing patients before making a diagnosis, predictions are made by analyzing more than 100 items of multidimensional data and AI.
  • Since most of the data is automatically retrieved, the application is very easy to use and requires very little effort on the part of the user.


Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services
eMind for Business

Support for human resource strategies through individual x organizational revitalization

  • eMind’s proprietary technology smartphone app visualizes mental health status numerically
  • eMind’s team of psychotherapists supports the mental health of each and every worker, helping them to have a fulfilling work and life experience.
  • Conducted a web-based survey to collect multifaceted evaluations and opinions about the company and its work, and to find hints for health management
  • Analytical reports support further improvement of the workplace environment for health management

Medical Institution Services

Medical Institution Services
  • Supporting the mental and physical health of patients who need long-term treatment for chronic conditions
  • Medical support program that connects family doctors with patients (PHR / PRO monitoring program)
  • The patient’s lifestyle and behavioral changes can be confirmed, and a better understanding of the patient can be gained
  • Not only physical health status but also mental health status can be confirmed by AI
Under Research and Development


Company name
eMind, Inc.
1-34-5 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063, Japan
Board member
Chief Executive Officer David Liebreich
Chief Operations Officer Satoru Komura
Description of business
  • Information provision service operations
  • Provision of information system services
  • Planning, design, and management of information systems
  • Design, development, sales, and maintenance of computer software
  • Marketing research and consulting services related to information systems
  • Management consulting services


Please contact eMind with any of the below inquiries:

Service Details

Service Details

We can advise about providing our “eMind for Business” service.

Partnership Potential

Partnership Potential

We accept alliances in various fields such as service, technical alliances and sales alliances.



We are always looking for well qualified team members to join eMind’s system development, marketing, consulting, and data science teams.

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